The Exact Location of Your Abdominal Pain Reveals What May Be Happening inside Your Body!

Abdominal pain is discomfort or pain experienced in the part of the trunk above the pelvis and below the ribs. You can actually experience abdominal pain in different sizes and shapes, including tight, dull, bloated, or sharp.

In fact, a great number of causes can lead to belly or abdominal pain since many of your body’s essential functions occur in this area. Specifically, there are many organs and nerve endings in this area. As a result of this, the culprit of your belly pain can be triggered by a heavy meal, stress, fear, or any serious underlying medical condition.

The location and type of your belly pain could help you find the root cause. That’s not all, the duration and intensity of pain should also be considered.

In case you can find the exact location of your belly pain, it can reveal what may be happening inside your body.

  1. Middle Right

In case the pain occurs on the right side at waist height, you may suffer from any kidney problems. Also, the pain may be related to constipation. That’s not all, it may be a sign of diverticulitis, which is a condition characterized by pouches on the colon’s wall.

  1. Middle Center

Dull pain in the center of the abdominal area above or around the navel may be related to appendicitis. Furthermore, if you experience nausea or vomiting, the pain gets sharper as it moves down to the right, and you can’t pass gas, it may be an indicator of pancreatitis.

  1. Middle Left

In case you experience pain about waist height on the left side, then it may be a sign of kidney stones or a kidney infection. Moreover, if it is accompanied by constipation and painful urination, you should consult your physician since you may suffer from a kidney infection.

  1. Lower Right

If the pain occurs on just one side of your lower abdominal area, it can be an indicator of a strained muscle as well as overwork in general. However, in case you experience persistent pain in this area, consult your physician. Also, in case you experience sharp, worsening pain in this abdominal area, visit your physician to check if you suffer from appendicitis.

  1. Lower Center

Inflammatory bowel disease or urinary tract infection may be the main cause of pains or aches just below your navel. Additionally, women may also suffer from any condition related to the reproductive organs. Therefore, if you are a woman and experience this type of pain, consult your gynaecologist.

  1. Lower Left

Pain in the lower abdomen is associated with most intestinal problems. Also, women experience menstrual cramps in this part of the belly usually on both sides.

  1. Upper Right

If you experience pain in the upper right part of your abdomen, you may suffer from a duodenal ulcer, i.e., an ulcer in the small intestine caused by an excess gastric juice secretion.

  1. Upper Middle

Pain in the upper middle of the abdomen area is associated with acid reflux, stomach or esophageal problems. Also, depending on the duration and intensity of the pain, it may also be a sign of a gallstone or ulcer.

  1. Upper Left

If the pain occurs in the upper left abdominal part, it may indicate that you suffer from any stomach problems. It may also suggest that you have an ulcer, or pancreas problems. But, in case the pain is very intense and gets worse quickly, it may be a sign of a gallstone stuck in the bile duct. Therefore, it is recommended to visit your physician, if the pain doesn’t go away within a short time.

In case your abdominal pain lasts more than several days, it is recommended to have it checked by a physician. Keep looking for the right diagnosis because it often takes awhile to identify what’s happening inside your body.


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